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My Name Is Karma

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Title: My Name Is Karma

Author: G. Hauser

Publisher: The G A Hauser Collection LLC

Description :

Lucas had worked for an international Peace Keeping force with the military. While on patrol overseas, Lucas finds he's in the wrong place at the wrong time. He's beaten, and left for dead.As he lay dying, he's found by another soldier and brought back from the brink.Years later, Lucas impatiently waits for justice to be done. But his lover, Yves, has other plans for the three murderous men. From the moment Yves and Lucas met, finding justice has been a game of time and strategy; But for Lucas, the time has run out and he decides to go rogue.As a deadly game of cat and mouse is played over the course of nearly a decade, Yves struggles to keep his lover from a crash course with destiny...and destiny's name is KARMA.Included in this novel is a previously published short story by RR Monroe, 'More Than Enough'.

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